Hookline (current)

As a co-founder of the music publisher Hookline, I’m currently leading a product development team for Hookline’s music management platform. We are building a Ruby on Rails application that manages our music catalogue and distribution to clients.


Co-op Digital (current)

I’ve been working with Co-op Digital as an Agile Coach since late 2016. We’ve been spreading the digital transformation agenda throughout the organisation and helping teams work with greater agility.


Kahoot! 2015

I worked primarily as mentor and coach for a Kahoot! employee who had recently been promoted to the position of Agile Coach. We paired on a number workshops and Agile routines to help build confidence and experience in the day-to-day techniques used to manage delivery.


Scotland Government, 2015

I joined the Digital Transformation team in the Scotland Government in October 2015. After a period of analysis, I designed and delivered Agile and Digital Transformation workshop plans and training materials for the team to use and build upon in the future.


European Commission and the Council of the European Union, 2015

I worked with two separate teams in the Communications Directorate across both EU organisations. My coaching activities included an analytical and observation period to determine the team’s current challenges, potential for improvement and a recommendations report. Recommendations were then delivered via specially designed training sessions and workshops with the team covering a variety of Agile topics and techniques.


Ministry of Justice Digital Services (MOJ DS), 2014 – 2015

I worked with multi-disciplinary digital teams of developers, content designers, user researchers, delivery managers, product managers and senior stakeholders. Activites included: course-correcting delivery for large technology programmes; leading digital capability and transformation initiatives across MOJ; facilitating workshops; mentoring new team members and delivering 1-2-1 training for senior-level Civil Servants. Products I was involved with include: Moving People Safely and Make a Plea.


Government Digital Service (GDS), 2013 – 2014

I worked with a number of teams across GDS, and in particular the GOV.UK Transition Programme. The Transition team worked across all UK government agencies and arms length bodies. They were responsible for the content and feature transition of over 300 government websites onto the single government domain, GOV.UK. I helped the team restructure the programme to add more agility, prioritise work, visualise work-in-progress and train team members.