Hello world!

Well this is fun, isn’t it? I’ve been blogging in various places for jobs and shared ventures for years, but I’ve never been inspired to start writing my very own blog before. Until now. Hello world!

Amyeee.com is a domain I’ve been using to list a quick bio and collate my various projects. Wagner Ventures on the other hand, is a company I’ve been holding since August 2014. I set it up for primarily financial reasons (boring) so I could manage new agile consulting engagements, side projects and personal income from my other companies and collaborations.

Amyeee LTD sounded a bit too informal to register at Companies House. But Wagner Ventures, well, it sounds a little too formal, doesn’t it? I imagine it as ‘Wagner ADventures’ and it makes it all OK.

I plan to keep this blog updated primarily with stories and happenings from my work as an Agile Coach and Product Manager, and my adventures in music publishing for my company, Hookline. I have a bunch of other potential ramblings about book-writing, side projects, conference talks, panels and curiosities that need a home too, so I think I’ll pop ’em here.

Mainly though, I’d like to start sharing stories that don’t seem to fit neatly on my other company blogs. Things like: how I manage my companies, how I fund my ventures, how I compartmentalise my weeks & days and all the other useful things I find that help me manage the chaos.

I take a lot of advice from other blogs and kind humans who have cracked all my past startup, finance, coding, tax or design issues. Maybe I can start paying off some of that karma by sharing and writing about what works for me. Let’s see how this goes.

Ciao for now.






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