Hello, I’m Amy Wagner.

This is a very infrequently updated blog. Here’s my consulting company Perennial and here’s a more recent blog about sustainability and permaculture.

  • Permaculture for Agile/Digital/Tech teams

    Permaculture for Agile/Digital/Tech teams

    I’d like to share some thoughts about applying Permaculture in a digital or technology context, because I find it super relevant and useful as a framework for helping your team, product or organisation become more sustainable.

  • Peer to Peer: Exploring Agile Techniques

    Peer to Peer: Exploring Agile Techniques

    A while ago now, I was invited to take part in filming and co-producing an agile training video for Peer to Peer. You can purchase the full session or watch a 10-minute sample video on their website. I’ve written some long overdue rambles about the filming process below.

  • Agile for non-digital projects

    Agile for non-digital projects

    A few weeks ago, a friend reminded me of a post I wrote for the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) Digital blog during my agile coaching activities in 2014. The post was titled “Agile for non-digital projects“.

  • #boatlife sunrises

    #boatlife sunrises

    I moved into a houseboat on the River Thames late last year, and I still haven’t been able shake my amazement at our prime view of the sunrise, creeping up over our stern.

  • Agile Cambridge adventures, 2015

    Agile Cambridge adventures, 2015

    Yup, we went and did it again. Emily Webber and I spoke at another conference about our Minimum Viable Book adventures, this time at sunny Agile Cambridge 2015. But honestly, this post is just an excuse to share a picture of us in funny hats.

  • Agile on the Beach 2015: Agile in the real world

    Agile on the Beach 2015: Agile in the real world

    Last year it was a pleasure and a privilege to speak at one of the world’s top Agile conferences: Agile on the Beach (AOTB), in Cornwall, UK. For something different, I shared the stage with my long time colleague and friend, Emily Webber. Over the last couple of years, we have been travelling the world speaking to inventors, creators, builders, learners, strivers, doers & dive-right-in-ers as research for our project, the Minimum Viable Book.